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our VISION & Creative Process


Love is a universal language that unites us all. My purpose is translating it into tangible form. Every wedding is unique, and just like the people in the photographs, they are living, breathing phenomenons.

When choosing your wedding photographer, take care in selecting someone you feel understands you - find someone that speaks to you on both a personal & emotional level.

In the fleeting moments of your wedding day, I work to carefully compose each image to display the raw beauty and emotion therein.

When the cake is cut, the florals have lost their vibrance, and the band has played it’s last reverie; you will be left with your memories of them. I long to create images that tell an intimate, genuine story — the way you feel it, not just how you see it — is the way in which you will remember it.




In order to best serve our dear clients, we accept no more than 12 events per year, ensuring an exceptional experience for each one.

All wedding collections include full day coverage and a private viewing and ordering experience Additions such as albums and extra hours are available a la carte.

Through custom collections, we work alongside our couples and their planners to create a wedding photography quote that is unique to them and their specific wedding day needs based on location, size and heirloom products.

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How will you choose to archive your beautiful photos after the wedding is over?

Above all else, we value your experience and believe in exceptional quality and high standards. 

We offer a variety of gorgeous fine art albums and prints for protection of your most precious memories.

Our heirloom products have changed what is expected from traditional wedding albums and prints. Wrapped in delicate book linen and embossed with exquisite gold detailing, all of our heirloom books are truly a work of art, so that each turn of the page is the unveiling of a beautiful mystery.

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I’m passionate about seeing the world & experiencing cultures abroad. I’ve been fortunate to document weddings both far & near.

We would love to follow you to any destination your heart leads you, from the rolling hills of the Scottish highlands to the emerald waters along the Gulf of Mexico.

Where We've Been:
i. Seattle, WA
ii. Portland, OR
iii. Napa Valley, CA
iv. San Francisco, CA
v. Santa Barbara, CA
vi. Denver, CO
vii. New York City, NY
viii. Concord, NH
ix. cleveland, Oh
x. west palm beach, FL
xi. key west, fl
xii. atlanta, ga
xiii. nashville, tn
xiv. charlottesville, va
xv. charleston, sc
xvi. ashville, nc
xvii. Tulum MX
xviii. Worpswede, Germany
xix. Paris, France
xx. Rome, Italy
xxi. oria, italy
xxii. Netherlands
xxiii. london, uk
xxiv. Turks & Caicos
xxv. harbour island, bahamas
xxvi. st. kitts, west indies
xxvii. nassau, bahamas
xxviii. alberta, canada
xxix. ontario, british colombia
xxx. banff, canada
... and counting

Frequently asked questions

How would you describe your style of photography?

- My style is a thoughtfully curated blend of traditional/editorial portraiture (through lyrical compositions and styled elements) with artistic photojournalism (unobtrusive documentary fashion). I want to tell the story of your wedding day authentically and beautifully, and by working with this unique skill set, we are able to achieve a finished set of photos that reflect the hearts of each couple we photograph.

Are you a digital or film photographer?

- Both. I am primarily a film photographer, utilizing medium format film which comprises about 80% of my body of work, with about 20% digital imagery.

Why do you shoot film?

- Film is a timeless medium, and I learned to shoot and develop my own film from a very early age. The process of using film, though, far outweighs the visual benefits of such- because I have a limited number of images per roll, I am able to slow down and think about the relationships that are in front of me. When I take this approach, I am focused on my clients and their loved ones, thereby creating a relationship built on comfort and trust.

How many photos will I receive and how long will it take to see them?

- Typically, you will receive your full gallery within 8-10 weeks from your wedding. We also believe in quality over quantity, and rather than overwhelming you with thousands of images, we usually deliver between 50-60 finished images per hour of coverage.

Do you travel for weddings nationally and/or internationally?

- Yes. We love to travel and to date, I have photographed weddings in at least 9 other countries, as well as all over the continental U.S. 

How many weddings do you photograph per year?

- We accept a very limited number of commissions,  about 10-12 weddings each year.