Frequently asked questions

How would you describe your style of photography?

- My style is a thoughtfully curated blend of traditional/editorial portraiture (through lyrical compositions and styled elements) with artistic photojournalism (unobtrusive documentary fashion). I want to tell the story of your wedding day authentically and beautifully, and by working with this unique skill set, we are able to achieve a finished set of photos that reflect the hearts of each couple we photograph.

Are you a digital or film photographer?

- Both. I am primarily a film photographer, utilizing medium format film which comprises about 80% of my body of work, with about 20% digital imagery.

Why do you shoot film?

- Film is a timeless medium, and I learned to shoot and develop my own film from a very early age. The process of using film, though, far outweighs the visual benefits of such- because I have a limited number of images per roll, I am able to slow down and think about the relationships that are in front of me. When I take this approach, I am focused on my clients and their loved ones, thereby creating a relationship built on comfort and trust.

How many photos will I receive and how long will it take to see them?

- Typically, you will receive your full gallery within 8-10 weeks from your wedding. We also believe in quality over quantity, and rather than overwhelming you with thousands of images, we usually deliver between 50-60 finished images per hour of coverage.

Do you travel for weddings nationally and/or internationally?

- Yes. We love to travel and to date, I have photographed weddings in at least 9 other countries, as well as all over the continental U.S. 

How many weddings do you photograph per year?

- We accept a very limited number of commissions,  about 10-12 weddings each year.