"What first drew me towards Lauren’s work was the natural beauty and the emotion behind each image. It was exactly what I was looking for, and so was she. Since I was a destination bride, it seemed natural that when Lauren and I first met, it was just through a quick inquiry email - or so I thought. The next morning, I got a sweet phone call from Lauren, just to chat and get to know each other, as well as discuss the expectations and feel I desired for my wedding. That spoke volumes to me. It’s very easy for a photographer to only communicate through email, but Lauren chose to take time to get to know me, and to develop a relationship, building an invaluable trust. It was a true honor to have her capture the precious moments of our wedding day."


 "I spent years dreaming about my wedding and countless hours obsessing over every detail, carefully curating the day in my mind to be exactly what I envisioned it be. Photography was my highest priority. It's a powerful thing to hold the prints from Lauren in my hands or look through my beautiful album and relive it all ...  I feel the same emotion now as I did then. Lauren was able to capture all of the tiny details, the sweet expressions, the tears, and the emotion of the day."


 "As soon as I saw Lauren’s work for the first time, I knew Scott and I had to have her photograph our wedding. In fact, I moved our wedding date because Lauren was booked the original weekend we chose. I am camera shy, but Lauren made both experiences completely comfortable with her gentle nature and sweet spirit. As a result, we have hundreds of beautiful photos that tell our story in a way that is authentic and unique to us.”



"Lauren is such a genuinely kind person that working with her is a dream. Her work speaks for itself, but her personality is one that puts others at ease, which is paramount on a wedding day. I am continually impressed with her positive attitude and intentionality. She is committed to the vision of her clients, and she captures that so beautifully."




"The day of my wedding, there was so much going on that it was very hard for me to focus. But from the moment Lauren arrived, she embraced and encouraged me. She was assertive and never hesitated with creative direction, which is exactly what I needed on such a hectic day. Lauren's confidence, kindness and guidance made me and my family feel very comfortable and produced the most beautiful photos that I will treasure for a lifetime.”




“…She finds just the right lighting to create a softness in her photos, while knowing the personality and aesthetic of her bride and groom. I was able to trust Lauren, and this kind of trust is invaluable to a bride on a day when every memory is so important. To put it simply: Lauren, you are the best. You know how to capture the beauty in every simple (or big) moment. Thank you Lauren for all your wonderful work! We are grateful."