Hello, and welcome. I am so glad that our paths led us both here, and that you find beauty in this place.

My love affair with documenting joy filled celebrations began when I was only 17 years old. I remembering watching my father, hands time worn and thick, develop film from his old Rolleiflex and thinking "this is how we go on forever." We do, because someone takes us along with them. They remember us by the stories we lived, the time we share together, and the love between us. 

Since then, I have devoted myself to creating images with the same sentiments for my clients - images that are pure, enduring, and unwavering, with all the unspoken and imagined subtleties. 

We are all in search of meaning. It's something far grander, more immense and beautiful than we have ever known before.  It is my sincere wish that you will ask me to walk in this journey alongside you and create a part of your story. 

Let us aspire to a life spent giving love.