PHILOCALY: From the Hellenistic Greek word ϕιλοκαλία for "the love of beauty".

The ancient Greeks left their legacy of a deep appreciation for art, beauty, and culture.
The vision for this editorial was to marry structural simplicity of the Grecian inspired architecture of Alys Beach 
with feminine details, resulting in a fresh take on the modern minimalist bride.

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Venue: Alys Beach, Florida
Styling: Jessica Sloane
Floral Design: Jessica Zimmerman
MUAH: Lanna Bloodworth
Jewelry: Private collection
Bride's jumpsuit: Express
Shoes: Aldo



Lauren is such a genuinely kind person that working with her is a dream. Her work speaks for itself, but her personality is one that puts others at ease, which is paramount on a wedding day.

I am continually impressed with her positive attitude and intentionality in her work. She is committed to her vision and that of her clients, and she captures both so beautifully.

- Jessica Sloane, Creative Direction & Event Planning